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Wild Boar - Beco Dry Dog Food

Wild Boar – Beco Dry Dog Food


This superb Wild Boar – Beco Dry Dog Food with Pumpkin & Broccoli is a superbly healthy, ethical and sustainable complete dry food for dogs.

This freshly prepared wild boar is high in protein and hypoallergenic, with a taste to make dogs go wild. We only use traceable and nutritious ingredients that are cooked at low temperatures to lock in their goodness. This recipe is grain free and is filled with freshly prepared boar, vegetables and superfoods. Nothing artificial.

• Sustainably sourced wild boar

• Gluten & grain free

• Great for fussy eaters

• Hypoallergenic

• Eco packaging

• Easily digestible

Some dogs can be picky little eaters. Nothing wrong with that though. It just means they know what they like. But wild boar, with its delicious, gamey flavour is loved by even the fussiest dogs. It’s also a novel protein which means this recipe is perfect for dogs with common allergies or intolerances to things like beef or chicken. We slow-cook our recipes between 90 – 120 ̊C so not only does that mean they’re delicious, it provides a diet that’s full of nutritional goodness, with the convenience of dry food. Thanks to their naturally foraged diet, wild lives and lack of agriculture, the carbon footprint (CO2e) of the meat is reduced by 83%.


Freshly Prepared Wild Boar (40%)*, Potato, Peas, Field Beans, Pea Protein, Chickpeas, Duck Fat, Lucerne, Brewer’s Yeast, Minerals, Vegetable Gravy, Chicory (10mg/ kg), Pumpkin (10mg/kg), Freshly Prepared Free Range Egg, Spirulina (10mg/kg), Camomile, Broccoli (10mg/kg), Milk Thistle Seed.