Meet our product testers


Product tester Bruno

Vikki O’Hara – General Dogsbody.

Having had a life of preferring the company of animals to others has left me with a passion for dogs (and horses) that cannot be dulled. Trying to learn how to better understand them and find products to enhance (not limit) their life, is my mission. So, with an open mind and a happy heart, I lead Dozy Dog for the greater good by making dogs happy! We all know that when our dogs are happy, we are happy.

Bruno – Chief Product Tester. 

Comfort, looking ultra stylish and anything to do with food are his speciality subjects. We don’t usually take his advice on food testing as he seems to just like anything. Literally anything. However, he is rather prone to having bad breath and the most impressive flatulence imaginable, so these markers are taken into consideration. In the Comfort Testing sector, he can be choosy and will make his preferences clear.


Product tester Pep

Rosanne & Pep – Dogsend (dog=god in reverse)

Superbly intelligent and stunning to look at whilst being both kind and compassionate. Pep, that it. He’s your typical intense collie and makes a marvellously opinionated product tester. If something isn’t quite good enough, it just won’t do. Rose is pretty much the same and an invaluable member of the Dozy Dog team.


Product tester Bryn

Bryn – Shadow Product Tester.

Bryn will usually be found in the shadow of Bruno. His specialist subject is anything relating to skin allergies and a doggy wardrobe. Being a Sealyham cross, Bryn has very sensitive skin and a ridiculously low resistance to allergens. Rough or poor fitting garments leave him with blisters in the blink of an eye. He has taught us that his diet affects his skin sensitivity just as much as anything he’s exposed to, so it’s nutrition and quality all the way. We have also learned that if he’s itchy or sore, he’s ultra irritable! So he can be forgiven for being a typical terrorist with occasional added cause.


Product tester Jerry

Prof. J Pooper

Otherwise known as Jerry (Or Poops). Professor J Pooper is a rather characterful little fella who oozes fluffy cuteness and charm everywhere he goes. He and his owner Carolyn are key team members for a variety of reasons. Carolyn: Expert business advisor and director of all things sensible, as well as helping hands on event stands. Jerry: Director of all things not sensible! Top toy product tester and the most disapprovingly fussy food tester possibly on the planet. 

With a deep rooted passion for what we do, this small family run business is growing in both size and reputation. Having been trading since 1988 Dozy Dog has evolved over the years and has recently undergone a facelift, with a new website to better showcase the products we are proud to sell. But our core principles remain the same.

We are a small family business based on the outskirts of a gorgeous village called Withybrook on the Warwickshire/Leicestershire border, offering nationwide deliveries as well as a ‘click&collect’ option for locals. 

We love getting out and about, taking our stand to various shows & events around the country. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram feeds for details of upcoming events. We’d love to meet you and your four legged family.

We are proud stockists of Beco (London, U.K), Earthbound (Walsall, U.K), Scrumbles (Croydon, U.K), Guru (Wigan, U.K), Green & Wilds (Chippenham, U.K), Amara Soaps (Desborough, U.K), Betty Millers Biscuits (Bordon, U.K) and Eco Provenance Pet Products (Warwickshire U.K.).