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Guru Pet Food: Full-on-Feast (14kg)

Guru Pet Food: Full-on-Feast (14kg)


Help your dog enjoy a healthy mealtime every day with this delicious Guru Pet Food: Full-on-Feast (14kg) cold pressed dog food. The delicious flavours of duck, sea fish and vegetable are retained during the cooking process, along with all the natural and nutritious goodness!

Guru select every ingredient carefully before mixing them together at low temperatures. This special cold pressed method makes a meal your dog will enjoy. Not only is Guru Cold Pressed dog food a complete dried meal (suitable for puppies right through to senior adult dogs) it’s also suitable to feed alongside a raw diet. We’re sure your dog will love every bit of our gurulicious bite sized pieces!

How much do you need to feed?

It’s easy to work out the right amount. For example, if your dog is 10kg, you would feed approx 100g of food per day. However a 25kg dog would be fed approx 250g of food per day. These quantities would be increased for lactating mums, weaning pups or working pooches and decreased for OAPs or dogs on minimal exercise. And to make it even easier, there’s a special Guru measuring cup available for just £2.00.

Ways to feed Guru:

  • Serve dry
  • Serve covered in water (like a bowl of cereals)
  • Soak for 5 minutes in warm water and serve as a mash (great for fussy eaters, pups or to slow down a speedy-eater!)
  • Make the mash as above, then press the mash into an ice cube tray, freeze, then serve as a cold treat on a hot day!

Switching to a new food? We recommend an introduction period of two weeks:

  • Start by mixing your new Guru cold pressed dog food with your dog’s old food with a 50/50 ratio.
  • Gradually increase the amount of Guru, whilst serving less of the old food (transitioning times can vary as every dog is different).
  • If your dog has a sensitive tummy, we recommend you start introducing Guru a bite at a time, before following the guide below.
  • You can easily adjust the amount you feed your dog to keep them in just the right shape.
Eco Friendly Dog Poo Bags - Mint Scented

Eco Friendly Dog Poo Bags – Mint Scented


Big, strong and degradable Eco Friendly Dog Poo Bags – Mint Scented .

Extra large and extra thick, they cater for almost all poop sizes and will break down once disposed of. Beco Bags have a recycled cardboard core and fit all standard bag dispensers.

Proudly made by British company Beco Pets.

For overseas orders, please email your requirements to us at

Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

Natural Dog Shampoo Bar


A proper 100% natural dog shampoo bar! With 0% plastic packaging! Just as we don’t like to use chemicals on our skin, we don’t want to use them on our dogs either.

For special bath time occasions or even after a long walk in muddy fields, this gorgeous smelling soap is made with with calming Oatmilk to soothe and Neem Oil which is reputed to contain natural antibacterial, antifungal, and insecticidal properties.

  • Castor Oil – Promotes a healthy, tangle-free glossy coat
  • Oatmilk – Soothing and kind to sensitive skin
  • Neem Oil – Antibacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal properties
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Eliminates odours
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Relaxing and healing qualities
  • Liquid Benzoin Oil – Antiseptic and antibacterial properties, with a warm vanilla scent
  • Cruelty Free (tested on humans!)
  • Handmade with love in Desborough, U.K.
  • Size 90g

To use: Massage the soap directly onto damp or wet fur to create a sumptuous lather (please avoid the eyes and any open wounds – even natural products may sting a little). Note how easy it is to soap under the tum and in other mucky and slightly awkward places to reach. Enjoy a little more massage time with a waggy tail and an inevitable wet shake. Be pleasantly surprised how easily this soap rinses off (preferably with warm water) leaving no itchy residue.

Welcome to dozydog!

DozyDog is run by me (Vikki) and my five chief product testers Bruno & Bryn (dogs), Mouse & Marmalade (cats) and Tonka (the Leopard tortoise). We are based in a small village called Withybrook on the Warwickshire/Leicestershire border, offering nationwide deliveries as well as a ‘click&collect’ option for locals. We may be a small team, but are lucky to boast a wider family of dedicated supporters and testers. How blessed we are to be doing something that we are so passionate about! You’re welcome to have a nosey at who we all are on our ’about us’ section.

Without a doubt, you’ll know all about the threat facing our environment from all this ‘cross-continent shipping’ and overuse of plastic packaging, let alone all the single use products made from man-made virgin fibres. So, I’ve done the leg work, asking manufacturers those awkward questions that they don’t want to answer. Not all our products are 100% impact free, but ALL our products have met a level of criteria to ensure that it is the LOWEST impact possible, without compromising on practicality, durability and price. It’s a tall order. And our product list is growing all the time….

It’s true what they say… “There is no Planet B”

 At the end of the day, happy pets make happy people and we’re proud to be the specialists in making pets happy!

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